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The Housing Word

I often get asked the question. “Does the company you work for really matter?” While I love my company, it was not the brand that got my there. It was my broker, Brian Bolier.

I had been with Coldwell Banker Burnet  when I first got my license. I did not exactly have the best experience. I decided, after a couple of months of bring there to transfer my license to CBB’s biggest competitor Edina Realty. This was the most difficult move in my career. I had such a strong allegiance to CBB after starting my career at Burnet Title and spending over 7 years with the brand. When it came down to it, it was not the right place for me as an agent at that time.

Now, that I am back,it is not because of really anything in particular my company offers, it is because of what Brian offers…

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Author: Brooke Wolford-Creator

17-year real estate veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX, Industry Trainer and Stategist

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